Drive Monitoring and Control Devices

Monitor, Control and Programme

VSD and Solar Drive Integration

Seamless    •    Secure    •    Reliable    •    Easy

The Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) solution is a simple and cost-effective monitoring, control and programming solution that allows remote management and setup of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and Solar Drives (for Water Pumps). The modem seamlessly connects and integrates with the drive via Modbus, allowing remote control via an online platform. This allows programming of the drive’s parameters, changing the speed, direction and much more. The platform also provides access to various readings and reports, as well as immediate error alerts to stay informed on what is happening with the drive.

Remote Monitoring and Control


  • Control: Manage parameters and features such as switching on/off, speed control, direction setting, etc.
  • Read: Live views of Voltage, Current, Frequency, etc.
  • Map: Display a live overhead satellite view of all devices situated in an area to quickly see drive status’ (running or not).
  • Alerts (E-mail and Push Notifications):
    • Errors / Faults
    • Start / Stop Activity
    • Power Supply Status
  • Reporting: View and Download info:
    • Historical readings (data is saved at set intervals)
    • Parameter settings
  • Accessible: Monitor multiple devices on multiple sites via one single platform.
  • Upgradable: Modem software upgrades done remotely to allow for seamless updates with new/improved features and functionality.
  • Customisable: Custom solutions for unique scenario’s (can integrate with any device via RS485 / Modbus protocol).
  • Devices: 2G and LTE modems available to suit location and network capabilities (with various antenna options).


  • Fewer trips to site (improved time management and productivity).
  • Reduction in costs and downtime (enabling immediate fault identification and rectification).
  • Accurate data (live and historical) allows improvement of operations.
  • Extremely easy-to-use.
  • Accessible on any Smartphone, PC or Tablet device from any location with an internet connection.