Enclosures and Custom-Built Panels

All EMHEATER products (Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters, Solar Drives and Servo’s) has an IP20 rating and it is thus recommended to install these devices into enclosures to protect them from dust and moist, with the necessary provision for cooling and ventilation to prevent overheating (install panel fans with cleanable/washable filters).


TCGC offers the following Enclosure products:

Junction Boxes    DB Boxes    Keypad Boxes    Pool Boxes   Distribution Boxes and Boards    Steel Enclosures with Device Plates    Meter Boxes

Custom-Built Panels

TCGC also offers custom-built panel options with a VSD, Soft Starter, or Solar Drive built into an enclosure together with various other peripherals that might be required. Products typically include a Mild Steel Panel, Drip Canopy, Manual/Off/Auto Selector Switch, Run/Trip/Stop Indication Lights, Door Interlocking Lockable Isolator, Main Circuit Breaker, Control Circuit Breaker, sufficient Cooling Fans and Panel Wiring neatly hidden behind Trunking and relevant points wired down to Terminals (Terminals angled for ease of installation).

Enclosures and Panels