Remote Controls

Wireless Radio Communication

Wireless Radio Communication products offer Safe, Reliable and Cost-Effective solutions for all your automation needs - cranes, hoists, lifts, winches, conveyors, stackers, cut/press machines etc.

Wireless Radio Communication products are easy to install and requires minimum maintenance, all whilst providing reliability in harsh environments, which is paramount for critical and industrial applications. In addition to this Wireless Radio Communication products offers convenience (offers mobility) and safety by allowing individuals to operate machinery from a distance.

Product Models and Specs


4 Direction Buttons (Double Depression/Speed)

Q404 Remote Control


6 Direction Buttons (Double Depression/Speed)

Q606 Remote Control


6 Direction (Double Depression/Speed) + 2 Multi-Function Buttons

Q808 Remote Control


6 Direction (Double Depression/Speed) + 6 Multi-Function Buttons

Q1212 Remote Control

Start-Up and Emergency Buttons  I   12 Month Warranty  I  IP65 Rating  I  110-460V Receivers 2 x AA Battery Transmitters  I 100m Remote Distance  I  433Hz  I


Remote Control Packaging

Multi-Function Buttons (Standard)

Remote Control Multi-Function Buttons

Selector Knobs (Optional Extra)

Remote Control Selector Knobs

Product Certifications and Approvals