Servo Drive Industry Applications

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What are Servo Systems Used For?

Servo Drives (as a component of complete Servo Systems) are generally used to control the speed, position, and torque of Servo Motors. These Servo Drives come in a variety of sizes (scaling to sizes that were not thought possible before) and are suitable for static and mobile applications, increasing productivity and proving useful across many industries.

For automatic systems that require position control, the use of a Servo System is ideal. Whether it is just positioning a globe valve to the right position or aiming a telescope, a Servo System can be used to regulate a shaft to its desired position regardless of friction or other disturbances.

Servo System applications include CNC machining, factory/warehouse/industrial automation, laboratories, robotics, satellite communication, marine, aerospace, and defence (and many more).

Servo Motor Applications

Servo Systems are most used in the manufacturing industry for assembly line robots that require high repetition yet precise welding, drilling, fastening, sealing, dispensing, and rigid manufacturing. Servo Systems also enable better control over corrosion and better hygiene allowing high-pressure washing at high temperatures repeatedly for extended periods of time (typically used in the food and pharmaceuticals industries).

So, whether you are looking for a system with greater torque than a stepper motor or just more precise control, a Servo System is most likely a necessary component of your machining or manufacturing process. A broad range of Servo Systems (power output and features) are typically available to offer a solution with the precision and performance required for your automation needs.

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