Single-Phase To 3-Phase Converters

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Single-Phase To 3-Phase Converters

If you have a 3-Phase motor/device and do not have ready access to 3-Phase power, there are workarounds you can use to get your equipment properly powered. Numerous types of 3-Phase Converters are available. These units convert a standard Single-Phase supply to a useable 3-Phase supply where typically it would be expensive or difficult to install one.

Static Converters

These devices take advantage of the fact that while a 3-Phase motor cannot start on Single-Phase power, it can stay running on Single-Phase power once it is started. A static converter does this with the help of capacitors (devices that can store charge), which lets the static converter stand in for one of the phases, albeit in an inefficient way that is assured of decreasing the motor’s effective life span.

Rotary Phase Converters 

These devices act as a combination of a substitute 3-Phase motor and an independent generator. This device includes an idler motor, which, once it is set in motion, does not turn any moving parts in the parent machines, but instead generates power so that the entire set-up can mimic a 3-Phase power system reasonably well.

Variable Frequency/Speed Drives (VFDs/VSDs)

These devices make use of components called inverters, which can be used to create alternating current at almost any desired frequency and replicate most of the conditions inside a standard 3-Phase motor.

EMHEATER offers three products for Single Phase to 3-Phase Conversion as follows:

  • G1 Series Variable Speed Drive: Single-Phase (200-240V) Input and 3-Phase (200-240V) Output
  • G13 Series Variable Speed Drive: Single-Phase (200-240V) Input and 3-Phase (380-440V) Output
  • SP1 Series Solar Drive: Solar DC (or Single Phase AC 200-240V) Input and 3-Phase (200-240V) Output

Single-Phase To 3-Phase Conversion

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