Advantages of using a Solar Drive (for Water Pumps)

Advantages of using a Solar Drive (for Water Pumps)

Solar Drives for surface and borehole pumps are ideal for use in South Africa which gets plenty of sunshine. Solar Drives for water pumps are a popular choice for converting an AC power supply pump solution to a DC power supply pump solution for watering livestock, crop irrigation, industrial water supply and even residential and swimming pool applications.

So, what are the benefits?

Solar panels are a reliable alternative, especially in regional and remote areas

Solar panels are an ideal solution when grid power is irregular or unavailable. When properly serviced and maintained and with adequate water storage, solar pump solutions offer great reliability.

Solar pump solutions have extremely low operating costs

One of the major advantages of a solar pump solution is that its energy comes straight from the sun, lowering operating costs and its environmental footprint.

Solar pump solutions can be managed and monitored remotely

Some systems offer apps to help you remotely monitor performance and flow rate and manage certain features of the Solar Drive.

Solar pump solutions are easy to transport and relocate

Depending on your system and site, solar water pump systems can be shifted relatively easily (when there is a need to move stock or change your pump location based on the season).

Solar pump solutions are generally low maintenance

Upkeep is typically minimal compared to grid power or generators, which is an important factor when these pumps are often far from service bases. If solar panels lose efficiency, they can be replaced separately to the whole system.

Solar pump solutions’ productivity increases in times of need

When it is hot and sunny people tend to use more water, and livestock will hang closer to water troughs. A solar water pump solution moves more water in sunny weather and slows appropriately when it is overcast or raining, with the option to store a backup supply if your storage tank is adequately sized.

Solar Drives allows for AC and DC power supply

Solar Drives (for water pumps) are essentially solar-powered Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) providing alternating current (AC) motors with the required energy using standard photovoltaic (PV) panels, but also still allows for an AC input supply if required.

Solar Drives include various VSD (Variable Speed Drive) features

The Solar Drive’s VSD features protects the motor from the fluctuating energy flow of the solar array, allowing the motor speed to vary as the strength of the sun’s rays changes. This ensures maximum system operation while protecting the motor and Solar Drive. In addition to this, the Solar Drive also offers a variety of other VSD features for motor protection such as over voltage, under voltage, phase imbalance, phase loss and over current.

Solar pump solution cost savings

Other than saving costs on electricity / fuel for running water pumps, a solar powered solution also provides the added benefit of eliminating the cost of extended lengths of electrical cable between the AC source and the motor as well as the possible theft of the cable (and also eliminates the potential voltage drop due to the long length of the cable).

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