EMHEATER VSD and Solar Drive Fault Diagnosis

The EMHEATER Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) and Solar Drives include 35 types of warning/protection functions. In case of a fault, the protection function will be triggered, the inverter will stop output, and the faulty relay contact of the inverter will start with the fault code being displayed on the display panel. The relevant manuals list each one of these faults (error/warning messages) with possible causes and hints for analysing the issues (to help determine a possible solution).

The following sections can be referenced in the relevant VSD and Solar Drive manuals:

VSD (G-Series) Fault Diagnosis and Solutions

7.1 Fault Alarm and Countermeasures (page 110 for EM15 Series and page 155 for EM12 Series)

7.2 Common Faults and Solutions (page 113 for EM15 Series and page 118 for EM12 Series)

EM15 G-Series Manual Download: EM15-G User Manual (emheater.co.za)

EM12 G-Series Manual Download: EM12-G User Manual (emheater.co.za)

Solar Drive (SP Series) Fault Diagnosis and Solutions

6.1 Fault Alarm and Countermeasures (page 29 for EM15 Series and page 28 for EM12 Series)

EM15 SP-Series Manual Download: EM15-SP User Manual (emheater.co.za)

EM12 SP-Series Manual Download: EM12-SP User Manual (emheater.co.za)

Error Simulations

As an illustration of some of these, please see our YouTube Channel:

Phase Loss Protection Simulation – Error 13 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BceLGErw7HU

Short Circuit Protection (3-Phase) – Error 02 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83MlONQwH60

Short Circuit Protection (Any Phase) – Error 02 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX4UWHYiezs

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