What is a Solar Drive (for Water Pumps)?

Solar Drives Explained

Solar Drives (for water pumps) provides an energy efficient, environmentally friendly way to pump water for a variety of purposes (Irrigation of land, domestic/community water supply, fish farming, livestock, swimming pool, fountain, drip irrigation & sprinkler, industrial application, swimming pool, etc).

These Solar Drives have a long lifetime with low maintenance costs and allows users to immediately benefit from ‘free’ solar power. These drives are essentially solar-powered Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) providing alternating current (AC) motors with the required energy using standard photovoltaic (PV) panels, but also still allows for an AC input supply if required.

Using the Solar Drive with solar (DC) input, an array of solar panels generates the power and voltage required for the Solar Drive to drive the motor. The Solar Drive converts the DC voltage input to an AC output (single or 3-Phase, depending on model). The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) ensures you get the best output power possible from your solar panels with an automatic start and stop based on solar radiation during daylight hours.

At the same time the VSD features protects the motor from the fluctuating energy flow of the solar array, allowing the motor speed to vary as the strength of the sun’s rays changes. This ensures maximum system operation while protecting the motor and Solar Drive. In addition to this, the Solar Drive also offers a variety of other VSD features for motor protection such as over voltage, under voltage, phase imbalance, phase loss and over current. This solar powered solution also provides the added benefit (compared to using an AC input) of eliminating the potential voltage drop over extended lengths of electrical cable between the AC source and the motor (as well as the cost and possible theft of the cable).

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    I am impressed with your products.

    The Solar drives concept is pretty nifty.

    Do you have a supplier and service provider in the Northern Cape?

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      Thanks for the comment, I replied to your email. Thanks

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