ESKOM Fact Sheet: Reducing energy costs in horticulture with Variable Speed Drives

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Using VSDs for Lowering Costs

Because of the growing consciousness of the enormous challenges of feeding the world’s expanding population in future, the concepts “farm to the fork” and “farm for the future” are extremely important. Both concepts place the emphasis on the sustainable use of natural resources to produce tasty and nourishing products with the least amount of waste and at the lowest possible cost.

By improving the energy efficiency of electric motors that drive pumps and irrigation and ventilation systems, Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) can play a significant role in lowering energy use and reducing operating costs in the horticultural sector – Variable Speed Drives are extremely versatile and potentially the most underutilised solution when optimising the energy efficiency of a wide range of equipment.

Reducing a pump or fan speed by 20% can reduce energy consumption by more than 50%.

For the full ESKOM fact sheet, please download the document from the EMHEATER website at: LINK

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