ESKOM Fact Sheet: Reduce motor and pump costs in oil, gas and petrochemical plants with Variable Speed Drives

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Using VSDs for Lowering Costs

Many applications in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries rely on motor driven pumps and pumping systems that are energy-intensive. Installing Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) on motor driven equipment can be an effective energy and operating cost saving measure for companies in the sector.

Although very few applications require a 100% flow continuously, many of the motors are started at full speed and continue running at full and fixed speed while in use and this wastes power.

Companies can save a vast amount of energy by modulating motor speeds. A 20% reduction in speed can help reduce energy usage by up to 50%. The higher the level of a motor’s operating time, the larger the variation in load duty cycles, and the greater the savings.

Motors, pumps and fans account for 27% of the electricity used in the industrial sector in South Africa. Optimising these systems with VSDs can dramatically reduce the demand for power while saving companies money on energy costs.

VSDs can be used in a wide range of applications in the petrochemical and pipeline industries to save energy and for process control optimisation. They can be installed to optimise equipment in all types of facilities, from production and distribution to refining and processing.

In the petrochemical and gas sectors, VSDs are also used to ensure timely, predictive maintenance and a reduction in downtime. Many VSDs have monitoring capabilities which deliver intelligence on motor performance. With the ability to monitor motor current and speed, VSDs can perform protective functions based on this information. With access to more detailed information over longer periods of time, engineers can better use predictive trending to anticipate problems and prevent chronic failures.

For the full ESKOM fact sheet, please download the document from the EMHEATER website at: LINK

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