New EM15 Series VSDs and Solar Drives

New EM15 Series VSDs and Solar Drives

TCGC is pleased to announce that we will be receiving our first shipment of the new EMHEATER EM15 Series VSDs and Solar Drives (replacing the previous EM12 Series) during November 2020. Below is a short summary of what to expect from these new drives:

EM15 Series


The following Physical/Visible Improvements has been made:

  • The colour of the drives changed to black which makes it more stain resistant.
  • Variable Speed Drive (above 4KW) keypads supports a double line LED display (factory default display for first line = running current, the second line = frequency). The dimensions of the drives also changed slightly as well as the keypad tray dimensions.

EM15 New Keypad

  • The new keypad potentiometer has been changed from a Rotary Potentiometer to an Encoder Potentiometer.
    • The new encoder potentiometer has a much longer lifespan as well as better anti-dust protection;
    • The new encoder potentiometer together with new keypad supports simultaneous operation of the potentiometer and UP/DOWN keys.
  • The drives now include added protection/fence barriers on terminals PB / P+ / P- to avoid incorrect wiring (from 4kw to 22kw).
  • The lids of the drives have been optimised to allow for easy removal of the covers.

EM15 New Covers

 The following major Software Performance Optimisations has been made:

 For the support of the double line LED display:

    • The factory default display for first line = running current (can be changed).
    • The U0 group parameters can be displayed in sequence.
    • The factory default display for second line = frequency (can be changed).
    • Using the shift key cab be used to step through different displays.
  • Improved operation and setup for Constant Water Supply:
    • With or without Sleeping function.


Please also note the following Drive Lock feature which could be used for VSD units installed before full payment or on loan (for both EM12-G and EM15-G Series VSDs):

  • Record the inverter current running time: b9-09
  • Set the new lock running time: b2-21 (the new limited running hours + the recorded value from b9-09)
  • Set a password: A0-00
  • After the limited time/duration has been reached the drive will lock itself and the panel will show: Err26 failure.
  • If required, the password can then be used to unlock the drive and set a new running time and password lock it again.


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